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  • Pulse welding equipment
  • Pulse welding equipment
  • Pulse welding equipment
  • Pulse welding equipment

Pulse welding equipment

Quality Springs & Pressings Ltd announce the acquisition of a new LORCH Pulsed MIG welding machine.

The prime advantages of Pulsed MIG Welding are as follows:

pulse welding machineImproved productivity

  • Pulsed MIG offers high deposition rates. In addition, since the new machines are simpler and adaptive, it is easier to weld with pulsed MIG than other transfer methods
  • Using Pulsed MiG welding it is possible to weld very thin and very thick materials with one diameter wire, therefore less need to change wire sizes such as 0.8, 1.0 etc
  • Welding speed rate is improved with Pulse technology when compared to more traditional MIG welding techniques
  • Pulse welding is excellent for welding Aluminium and Stainless Steel

Better quality

  • A benefit of a more more stable arc offered by Pulsing results in controlled heat input leading to less distortion and improved overall quality and appearance which means fewer production problems.
  • Pulsed MiG can have benefits where traditionally TiG welding was the only option, particularly when welding Aluminium and especially in applications where increased production speed is desired without sacrificing quality or appearance.

The key benefit being the provision of sufficient energy to ensure good fusion, yet controlling heat input to prevent warping or burn-through. In Pulsed MIG welding, the welding power source rapidly and automatically switches between a high peak current (ensuring good fusion) and a low background current (lowers heat input and reduces distortion).

Better for the working environment - Spatter and fume reduction

  • Compared to Conventional MIG, Pulsing reduces spatter and fume. Reduction in spatter can translate into cost savings since more of the melted wire is applied to the weld joint, not as surface spatter on the part and surrounding fixtures. This also means less clean-up time. A reduction in the welding fumes creates a safer and healthier environment for the operators.